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What's the Difference Between Cannabis Extracted Products and Cannabinoid (CBD, THC, THCv)Isolate?

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What’s the Difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate?

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract hasn’t had any cannabinoids or Terpenes removed. This means the extract probably has up to less than <0.3% THC  

  • Broad Spectrum (Non-Detect 0% THC) Hemp Extract has had THC, and possibly other cannabinoids or terpenes. Green Heart Growth’s Products are made utilizing this extract.

  • CBD Isolate (Pure CBD) is Cannabidiol in its purest state. It appears grainy, white and powder-like. Should be tested and labeled as minimum 99.6% purity. Contains no other cannabinoids or Terpenes

Full Broad Spectrum Isolate Difference P
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