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About Green Heart Growth, llc.
GHG Canna-Derived Products

Functional Health Starts at the ROOT

    The idea of Green Heart Growth started several years ago. I spent years watching cancer take the lives of family members and friends. During this time, I listened to cancer sufferers that said Cannabis helped them with pain, appetite and sleep. A plant was helping them to get a little bit of comfort when nothing else was working. I began reading about Cannabis and it's Potential Therapeutic Properties

    The passion continued to grow. I wanted to get involved, but was apprehensive because of it's legal/illegal status and negative perception. When the 2018 Farm Bill was finalized in December, it was an opportunity to legally jump into the Cannabis Industry.


    Not having a Hemp Farm or Super-critical CO2 Extraction Equipment, I connected with a Colorado Vertically Integrated Industrial Hemp Company to supply us with Broad Spectrum, 0% Non-Detectable THC, Hemp Extract for our Products. 


    HEART Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil,  HEAL Hemp Balm Stick and BOOST CBD Energy/Hydrate/Recovery Drink Mix were our sprouts.  After listening to customer feedback and reviewing additional data, GHG homogenized Green Heart Growth's flagship product - ROOT Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil, GHG's highly concentrated Broad Spectrum CBD Oil containing 170mg of CBD per ml. Higher concentration for more promoting Attractive Homeostasis and Dynamic Equilibrium.

    In February of 2019, we started Green Heart Growth, LLC. Based out of Spring Hill, Tennessee - about 30 miles south of Nashville. In May of 2019, we expanded operations to Waynesville, Ohio - about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. We plan on continuing growth with passion, transparency and legitimacy.

    Green Heart Growth is Employee Owned and Operated. I, Sean Westmeier, take CBD every night for sleep - that's how I came up with the idea of ROOT CBD Oil. Root's higher concentration of CBD equals less MCT oil to mess with.


    My typically CBD Dose is 80 - 120mg (1/2ml - 3/4ml of ROOT) every night before before bed. CBD helps me fall asleep and stay asleep every night. After over 5 years of inconsistent sleep, I sleep 6-8 hours straight with little interruption. I'm ready to hop out of bed energized and refreshed, full of Homeostasis Attractiveness. I use HEAL for my arthritic wrist, bug bites, chapped lips, cuts and burns. I use BOOST before working out, when I'm worn out or hungover. My wife and kids use CBD every day too. Our dog Willy takes ROOT daily for allergies and HEAL for the hot spot under his neck. Written by Sean Westmeier, Founder of Green Heart Growth, LLC. 

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