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Welcome to GREEN HEART GROWTH Hemp-Derived (GHG) CBD Products! GHG is Employee Owned with it's ROOTS in Spring Hill, TN. Focused on providing legitimate & trustworthy CBD Products with non-detectable (0.0%) THC. Our products contain NO ingredients that will cause a failed drug test

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GHG is motivated to assist customers enhance their quality of living with CBD's potential Therapeutic Benefits. GHG's products contain broad spectrum hemp extract sourced from a Colorado Department of Agriculture certified, vertically integrated, industrial hemp company. GHG is accredited by the Better Business Bureau & COA by Proverde Labs.

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ROOT CBD Oil GHG's unique homogenized blend of lab certified non-detect (0.0%), broad spectrum hemp extract, Terpenes, beneficial fatty acids and organic MCT Oil. ROOT is 100% Organic. Certificate of Analysis is provided by Proverde Labs. The broad spectrum Hemp Extract is provided by a Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Industrial Hemp Company.
Suggested starting CBD Dosage: Research and customer feedback has shown beginning with a low dose of CBD is an efficient way to start your journey to functional health. Start with 10 mg twice per day for 3 days. If needed, continue to increase your daily dosage by 10 mg/dose every few days until your desired benefits have been achieved. Continue for a minimum of 30 days because CBD takes time to build-up in our bloodstream.  CBD dosage is different for everyone. This information is simply a suggestion for using CBD.